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Dr. Ralph Hughes is a high-energy, inspiring, empowering, engaging, and impactful keynote speaker and leadership trainer. He loves to have fun while elevating participants to higher levels. Dr. Hughes brings passion and excitement to audiences when sharing real-life stories of resilience and mental toughness growing up in Harlem, New York, to the career professional and leadership expert working in the business, education, and law enforcement fields.

All of Dr. Hughes' speeches and workshops, whether in person or virtual, are packed with pertinent information and interactive to ensure participants retain the majority of the information that they can recall and apply immediately. 


Building a Business Mindset: Harnessing Your Greatness for Purpose Driven Success

Business Meeting


Having a business mindset is about focusing and clarifying your personal or business goals. It is not only about becoming an entrepreneur; it is applicable to anyone in any organization and industry at any level. A business mindset is simply using your purpose to drive your success. In this workshop, Dr. Hughes will walk us through how to succeed in business or on the job by becoming innovative, creative, and competitive.


  • Personal development

  • Professional development

  • Brand management

  • Strategic Planning

  • How to undercut the competition

  • Understanding your why

  • Networking

  • Collaborating

  • Creating a niche


From Niche to Business: How to Use Your Gifts to Get Ahead on the Job or in Business

Bowl of Lemons


Everyone has God-given talents. Your gifts are for you to share with the world, but you can also prosper by creating a niche on the job or in business. In this workshop, Dr. Hughes will walk us through how to use our gifts to create a niche so you can position yourself for a promotion on the job or to start a business. 


  • Learning what you are good at

  • Strategic planning

  • How to stand out from the competition

  • How to market your brand

  • Developing an elevator pitch

  • Elements of becoming a subject matter expert


Cultivating Happy and Harmonious Work Environments through a Leadership Culture

Office Employees


Many organizations experienced a shift in culture due to the pandemic, whether remote working or attending meetings via online meeting platforms; many organizations have not set a clear picture of the company’s cultural shift nor set a precedent as to a leadership structure within the organization. When organizations alter how they do business, it can change how individuals interact with one another and the leader. All members of the organization must learn leadership strategies so the organization can benefit from individuals who are competent leaders. When all members take stock in the effective operations of the business regardless of tenure, rank, or seniority, everyone chips in as a leader. In this workshop, Dr. Hughes will walk us through how to have organizational success by adopting a leadership culture.


  • Creating harmonious and collaborative environments through servant leadership

  • Understanding how leaders use emotional intelligence to create better working relationships

  • Elevating followers through transformational change

  • Characteristics of a leader

  • Mentoring and coaching skills

  • How to provide feedback

  • Developing proactive listening skills

  • Delegative authority

  • Identifying emotional triggers

  • Learn how to interpret emotions and behaviors in others

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